Pickup coil / charging coil Tester

Pickup Coil / Charging Coil Tester (TK – 201)
1) 3 & 1/2 Digit Digital Ohm meter with red LED display & 230V AC Supply
2) Measures coil resistance directly
3) Separate Stator plates can be checked.

Tekson Lighting Coil Tester (TK 214) :
• For checking the lighting coils of all vehicles of all manufacturers.
• Coils can be checked with and without load.
• Analog indication of the voltage output & current.
• Operateson 230V AC

Tekson Magnetiser (TK 215) :
• For re-magnetising the rotors which are weakened due to continuous use.
• Impulse type magnetising.
• Easy to operate.
• Operate on 230V AC.
• Magnetising voltage adjustable between 300 to 450 V DC as per the type of rotor.
• Separate fixtures for rotors of each vehicle.

i.e – Bajaj scooters, 4stroke motor cycles & Rickshaws and Motor Cycles of Kinetic Honda, Hero Honda, Yamaha, LML & TVS.
Tekson Magneto Test Benches ( Custom Built ) :
• For testing CDI, HT Coil & Regulators which fail after some running of the vehicle.
• Can check AC/DC flashers, Horns, Buzzers, Voltage Regulators, Rectifiers, R. R. Units also.
• Two Models : 1) Fixed Speed 2) Variable Speed.
• Suitable for reliability and endurance test of above components.

Tekson Universal Combine Auto Part Tester (TK-223) :
All Autopart testing facility as in TK-226 plus additional testing of Microsiemens value for
detecting weak CDI & Oven for heating coil before Testing. Caster Wheels for easy movement.

Products Under Development :
• RPM Counter

Special CDI / Coil Tester for Authorised Service Stations of :
• TVS Suzuki.
• Kinetic Honda
• Hero Honda
• Yamaha can be Supplied.

One Year Warranty & After Sales Service at Factory for all Test Rigs.

• Special C.D.l.eoH tester for Authorised Service Station of BaJaj, Hero Honda, Honda, T.V.S, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kinetic, LML

• Buy back facility for old customers for old models (Conditions apply)


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